2011 UAAP Cheerdance Competition

It's been a bad UAAP cheerdance year for UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe as they finished 4th this year.
Just when you thought na kayang bawiin ng Salinggawi ang korona after 4 year title drought during UST's 400th year celebration, dun pa napunta sa 4th place. I actually hate number 4 now! :(

I am all HANDS and FEET up for UP Pep Squad. They really nailed it this year and proved that they deserve to defend their title from last year's championship. FEU actually did, "so-so" hence it's fine to be placed 3rd but for UST having missed out on the top 3? That is not acceptable.

Okay, bitter na kung bitter.. but UST Salinggawi should be given the place rightful for their performance. I mean, it's not really the "WOW" and "OMG!" factor of performance, but compared to other teams.. they should have placed 2nd or 3rd. NOT 4TH!

Infairness to UST's flawless and clean routines, amazing stunts and props - they are still my favorite! And in order to give myself enough reason and justice for this blog post / rant of mine, I made a bit of analysis on why UST landed on the 4th spot and why they should have been on the top 3 instead.

Reasons why you just have to give UST the 2nd or the 1st place:
-clean routines
-crisp stunts and uniform movements (walang naliligaw or nagkakagulo during their performance)
- cool props - the kind of props none of the other universities have used during the past years.
- Who would have thought they can bring in UST's Main Building inside Araneta Coliseum? Plus the dominican priest at the end part was cool and fun as well!
- Energetic cheerdancers, all out performance.
NOTE: Please be guided that these reasons are the same reasons why UST should be in the position of the team who placed 2nd this year.

Reasons wht UST didn't win:
-maybe the judges are a bit racist? Because of the cross thing in front of UST's costume - the judges might have some issues about it. Take note that the chosen judges are not here from the Philippines. If I'm not mistaken, most of them are from other countries who excelled in the field of gymnastics, dancing and the likes. (JUST AN OPINION)
- UST's performance was honestly boring during the beginning. I myself was like "yun na yun?" but they nailed it on the end part.
- Maybe the judges didn't get what the 400 at the end part meant. They should have researched or something. Judges might be a bit lost? (JUST AN OPINION)
- The chosen music was not really cool. I don't like the music at all.
- Salinggawi's movements are a bit slow. Not unlike UP which has the aggressiveness and "oomph" factor from beginning til end.

So okay, I'm having an open mind here and I can say that UST did a far better job last year than this year. I felt like they performed quite safely today - the aggressiveness and fast movements were all gone. How I wish the same old Salinggawi troupe will come back next year. The years where Non-Stop ice cream was still the sponsor, the years were Espana always has the glory. 

But with all these, UST should have won at least a place. I'm not contesting on UP's capabilities. They deserve to be on top. But for others, I just can't really say enough!