Yes, I'm still alive!

Times like these when I remember my blog and realize that there's 'someone' whom I can turn to, just like any other friend ready to lend an ear or two.

I just feel a bit melodramatic today because of the work loads I have this month, and mind you.. we're just beginning to start our plans for next year.

Then, out of curiosity tonight, I accidentally or, should I say, semi intentionally planned to view someone's profile on facebook. And then it occurred to me. BOOM! Memories will not last forever because all I can remember now are patches from yesterday.

Or I think I just tend to forget things that fast? Let me remind myself that things are not really complicated. I am just the one who makes things a bit complicated.

And yes, my life's been out of sorts lately.

You are vague as the "B" in debt!

I know my title is lame. It's because my feelings right now are the lamest feelings ever.
I can't stand the agony, I just want to puke mentally and emotionally.
Please stop making me feel this way.. and stop playing around pretending to ask some stupid questions when in reality you just want to check if I'm really interested with all of those stuffs you're trying to show.
Okay, you win. I was just taking your question nicely (like the way I've shown you my nice attitude), but please.. keep off and don't you dare answer my question with the vaguest most stupid answer ever. Like asking for help, donation or a missent or other nonsense alibis.

-rant released-

PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

The first time I've seen The Avengers' movie trailer almost a year ago (which is a big surprise at the end part of Captain America), I looked forward to the day of its showing and now, barely 2 weeks to go, Marvel's elite group of superheroes will grace our cinemas and melt our hearts out! (especially for us girls, of course!)

Hello Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth! ♥

Thank you to PLDT for my fast internet connection, I was able to download this movie poster at once and was able to drool on other photos of my Avenger-crushes!

So what other things I love to do with a fast internet connection?
  • Watch Youtube videos of my hollywood crushes, watch behind the scenes  movie teasers and upload my own version of Youtube videos together with my girlfriends (hoping I can have that hollywood stardom just like Charice.) :)
  • Watch movies online. A big no-no to download movies on torrents or anything. Piracy is a crime, okay?
  • Buy great deals online! It wouldn't be cool if you're giddy to buy something online and it lessens the momentum and excitement because the page won't load.
  • Get real and on time updates on facebook and twitter. Fast internet connection means "on the dot" updates about the celebrities you follow, plus you get to see their Instagram photos at once! On the other hand, you can live like a star and upload all your vain photos on-line in just seconds!
The list goes on and on, but the question remains. Where to subscribe for the faster (or should I say fastest) internet connection in town? PLDT's Great Payday Sale will help you get one! Read on below to be informed:

1. This summer is the perfect time to enjoy the strongest connections at home with PLDT myDSL’s Great Payday Sale happening on April 27-29, 2012.
2. All they have to do is register at the nearest PLDT Home booth or malls nationwide on April 27-29, 2012 with 1 valid ID, no cash out!
3. They can upgrade their Internet with PLDT myDSL’s biggest Internet sale ever.
4. Freebies like a WiFi+Modem with free installation and 1 month DSL will be given away. That’s as much as P5,000 savings!
5. They can also apply online at

How is that AMAZING! Make sure you don't miss out on this great chance! It's summer! Don't just sit there and wait for ages. Make your biggest move now with PLDT's myDSL.

A road to (insert country here)

I've been bugged recently by this wild thought of mine for almost a week now. My usual production assistant /  dream work in a movie or TV industry has come into its clear form again and is whispering into my consciousness like INSANE. I am honestly and wholeheartedly happy with my work right now as a Marketing Specialist / Sales Promotion in a multinational insurance company, but you cannot ignore the fact that the dreams I built when I'm still young will forever be carved on my mind and heart.

And with this describing "wild", I really mean it because I am now planning to knock at hollywood's doorsteps. I may have "an almost" opportunity with ABS-CBN last year if only I did accept that 6 month probationary offer they're giving me.. (because that may serve as a stepping stone to great heights of my production / movie / tv career), but now I am overly determined to work in hollywood. :)

It all started when I was watching Hunger Games for the 3rd time. I was observing the scenes, the clothes of the stars, the way how the movie was executed, and I begin to think out of the box on how many number of crew this entire production have. As I was looking at the movie credits, there's like a million of them. How did they entered that industry? How did they become a part of the movie? Contacts? Determination? Confidence? Luck? Only the well-versed production assistant can help me right at this moment. If others can do it, so can I. Remember, Daniel Radcliffe used to have (or still has?) a production assistant girlfriend.. everything is possible! 

And then my "out of the country" mindset lurks within me. I wanted to go out and accept the challenges of living away from my parents and working on a different environment again. It may be hard, yes, but you'll never know your luck unless you try. Some of my college batchmates are currently on this situation and, as far as I know, they're surviving and are enjoying the moment.

I am not expecting that much. A work in hollywood or just locally is enough for me as long as I'm on the track that I've always wanted. I'll sincerely try my best, work my way up the corporate ladder and focus on the tasks that my work is asking from me. Who knows, tomorrow I'll be blogging all the way from Columbia Pictures or Disney Studios. :)

Wish me luck! 

Christmas Wishlist 2011

It's the perfect time of the year to sit back and think over the things that you want Santa Claus to give you this year. I've been a bit of a good girl, so I think I deserve one or two out of my 3 top wishlist (as of now..more to add later). :)

I can't really decide which to choose - the black one or the white one. It just all boils down that I want an IPOD TOUCH. Be it for next year, as a birthday gift for myself. Basta I want one next year.. but I'm considering this as one of my Christmas wishes. I hope I can have one. :) The fastest way perhaps is for me to have a credit card and swipe it all the way inside Powermac store.


I don't know which one to choose but both of these two fits my budget. I want a new digicam since my old digicam is too old the quality of the pictures are not that oh-so nice. I am photographer at heart who uses digicams and not SLRS so please give me a digicam this Christmas.

Our PC memory is too occupied already and I still have lots of music, movies and TV series to download. I need an external hard drive for all my photos and files that needs to be secure and should be just within my reach. I was searching the net and I found this Seagate 500 Gb external hard drive which only costs P4000 ++. Not bad, isn't it?

I guess I still have lots of wishes to come.. I just haven't thought of it yet.  Stay tune! :)

Penshoppe Fashion Show / Thai Invasion

I've been very much looking forward for Thai invasion in Manila ever since I've got news that Mario Maurer will come here to be the latest ambassador of Penshoppe. I'm not really a BIG fan of Mario, but when I saw his pics which flooded my FB wall, I fell in love with him instantly!

Thank God, we're able to get passes for Penshoppe Fashion show today at SMX convention center. 

Mario Maurer - Alex Mendoza - VJ Utt

Mario Maurer is waaaaay to cute! I feel giddy-giddy everytime I see him smile! He is too hot that it melts my heart right away! People, including me, were screaming when he came out to the runway! He is like an angel sent from up above and came down on earth to make ladies and beckys go gaga over him!

Thank You Penshoppe and Publicity Asia for bringing Mario Maurer here! Thai Invasion rocks!

With Alex Mendoza of Penshoppe

With Joyce Ramirez (Queen B) of Publicity Asia

Happiest fans tonight!

A chance to meet and greet Roger Federer

I am a big fan of Roger Federer and the thought of meeting him in person always excites me. My only way to see him live is to watch one tennis grand slam or ATP tournament. I've got to have lots and lots and lots of money in order to pay for my plane fare, hotel accommodation, food, game tickets and other more expenses. I guess my savings are NOT REALLY enough as of the moment.

So when Credit Suisse gave Roger Federer's fans to meet and greet him, I never let the opportunity pass. I joined their simple contest which will yield so much of a great prize! I just voted for my favourite ending of Credit Suisse's ad campaign which features Roger Federer, and viola! I got the chance to win a meet and greet in LONDON (which includes business class flight, and accommodation in a top-class hotel.) 

OMG! I'll be the happiest girl in the world if I win this. I won't be asking for anything if this precious prize will be given to me. I've been a good girl this year and hopefully Santa will give me a gift that I truly deserve. This is the gift that I am eyeing on. London trip, Roger Federer meet and greet... what more can I ask for. :)

And by the way, here's the video that I voted for! :) Hope they'll pick this one! :)

Westlife to split-up?

I honestly wanted to cry when I first read ABS-CBN news twitter account tweeted that Westlife is going there "separate ways" after 14 long years of success in the music industry.

I was busy with my office work stuffs when I read it and I was like shocked and froze like ice for a minute or two. I don't know if I'll cry or what. It's just soo sad to let go a significant part of your childhood too soon. 

I'm even convincing myself na "yeah, they'll split-up pero they'll be back din. It's like a break siguro". I read one article before which states that they'll go for a 2 year break and they'll be back with a brand new album. But still, it pains to think that you'll not be able to see them as a group. They'll go on and pursue their own ventures, but still Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian is Westlife for me. :'(

Bye Westlife! I'll be forever a fan! :)
Now, I'm looking forward to seeing them solo. Sana lang umabot sa Philippines yung solo ventures nila. :)

The weirdest dream ever

I got the weirdest dream today.
And what's weirder is that I woke up 3 times in between and managed to continue what I'm dreaming about.

I don't know if I'm gonna be shy about it, but I dreamt of having a relationship with Shane Filan of Westlife and we were hanging around Duty Free with other Westlife guys, shopping for our loved ones.

Of all places to hang out? Why do my dreams chose at Duty Free? haha! But what's cool is that I loved the feeling that I am the girlfriend of Shane Filan because I'm head over heels in love with him and his voice right now after seeing him during their concert in Manila.

I have confessed that I wanted someone like him when I got married. Someone who looks like him. Someone who can sing and dance well like him. Lord, please grant me that guy I'm praying to you right now. I'm willing to wait, as long as you'll give me the guy that I deserve. A guy like Shane! ♥

Purely Westlife mode!

I've been telling myself that I don't need to make this blogpost but I can't resist myself.
Sheez this sudden  *Westlife fanatic* mode is soo back on me! And I'm listening to Westlife songs while doing this blog entry, omygod.

So what happened (to me) after Westlife's Gravity Tour in Manila?

  • I followed Shane Filan, "@ShaneFilan79", Kian Egan "@KianEganWL", Nicky Byrne "@nickybyrneoffic" and Brian Mcfadden "@BrianMcfadden" on twitter. Mark Feehily is an exception because I followed him waaaaay before they get here to have their concert. Mark was my first ever crush so he deserved my first follow from the group! ♥
  • I've been listening to their songs since Friday, over and over again! And I still haven't downloaded some of their CDs. I'm just listening to their 1st to 3rd album.
  • I've downloaded from youtube all their music videos, burned it to a CD and will plan to watch it on our DVD player sometime soon. And the funny part, I was kilig all over when I was watching the videos. All my nonsense desire to them 12 years ago came back to me again. I was having a Westlife crush / craze again. ♥
  • I read some articles about them. From their marriage to their children. I was like having my own dreamland that I'll have my own Westlife guy soon.
This is not good, me thinks! But I'm liking it. And who cares actually.. some of my friends are actually on the same phase like me. I honestly didn't realize that Westlife did a BIG impact on me. :)

Westlife Gravity Tour strikes Manila!

I never thought I'd be still such a great fan, not until I watched Westlife's concert in Manila yesterday! ♥

Sold-out tickets for Westlife's Gravity tour here in Manila, they surely rocked their Filipino fans.. the same way they rocked my pre-teen life 12 years ago. Now that I'm 22 years old, I can say that I grew up with Westlife. From their songs to music videos, photos and current news updates - I admit that I was one of the avid fans ever! And please read that I'm still around 9 to 10 years old that time. They got me through my grade school days and grew up singing their songs!

Yes, I am an avid fan and I can't believe that it's my first time to watch their concert. How's that of becoming an avid fan? When I first heard about their gravity tour concert, I looked up at the heavens and prayed that concert tickets will come my way, and God never failed me! I was able to watch them live - and I'm the happiest lady ever! :)

Their first song was "When You're Looking Like That" and the crowd when gaga over them - including me and my friend! I was like jumping and screaming and singing altogether, which is a sign of great happiness! Westlife was like the best boy band ever (for me) and I love them all! When I think of Westlife, I think of how my love for music and boys started! My heart was super kilig when I saw them singing and dancing! The perks of watching a boy band concert! They make the girls love them more. :)

My childhood crush was Mark Feehily and Brian Mcfadden, now I go for Shane Filan and Nicky Bryne. ♥♥♥ True to the saying that as you grow older, you change your preferences. All throughout the concert, I think they costume-changed 4 to 5 times which made them all look more handsome. I want guys that dress-up and sing like Westlife. I want my own Westlife guy! :)

Look at Shane's Mickey and Minnie Mouse t-shirt. Super lovely like him! :) You got the best voice and it never fails for me to love and scream MORE for it!

OMG Nicky! You are the most improved Westlife guy ever! AWARD! ♥
As what the coolest poster I've seen last night wrote: 
"Nicky, I want twins, lend me your genes!" haha!

Markus Feehily, what happened? I know we can be sisters now but you are my ultimate crush when I was young! You've got the cutest eyes and smile I've ever laid my eyes on. You're still cute though and girls are still screaming for you last night.

Dear Kian, you still look the same, didn't aged that much! I can actually copy-paste your face from the Kian I've seen 12 years now to present. :) So sweet of you to video the Manila crowd while you guys were singing, sweet guy!

The concert was a blast! Westlife sang songs that are not their originals. Like Viva La Vida by Coldplay and Bad Romance of Lady Gaga. They sang it while wearing those Disney inspired / Mickey and Minnie Mouse get-up. And then they made us do the "Manila Wave" which is soo cool as well! Reminds me of my UAAP game days! Actually Smart-Araneta Coliseum was jam-packed , as in super daming tao. 

We were at Upper A seats by the way and I actually liked it better than at the Patron side where we were usually at. Better view = less hassle. At Patron side kasi, people in front of you tend to stand talaga and even stand at the top of their chairs. Super unlucky if the person in front of you is a big guy, little chance of seeing the performers clearly. At least at Upper A, or best at Lower box, you'll be able to see them well and actually in lower ticket prices.

Every good thing must come to end but everything went really well as they sang "Uptown Girl" at the end (yes with choreography). The best BOY BAND concert I've been to, as in! Memories kept rushing back to me which made me realize that I am proud to be a Westlife fan. Everything's so vivid right now. All of a sudden, I'm the old, or rather young Marielle who listens and watch Westlife music videos. I do hope ABS-CBN and Dayly entertainment can make them come back again. Westlife Mania is still ON and we're craving for MORE! :)

Lunch at Omakase

Cheers to that lunch day at Omakase. Stress and long due unhappiness were shooed away!

American Dream
Tofu rolls in beef strips
Philadelphia rolls (most favorite ever!)

A sumptuous treat that left me full until late dinner time. But really, I don't care how full I am as long as I pig out at Omakase - Ayala triangle branch. They have the best service and yummiest food ever. A slight hello to "Chi", please give your simplest smile while asking us for our orders, alright?

Hello to YELLOW nails!

After the sad ending of 2011 UAAPCDC, I was a bit depressed and I really wanted to go out with my friends. But due to time and budget constraints, I decided to pain my nails YELLOW.

Rock on UST! :)

2011 UAAP Cheerdance Competition

It's been a bad UAAP cheerdance year for UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe as they finished 4th this year.
Just when you thought na kayang bawiin ng Salinggawi ang korona after 4 year title drought during UST's 400th year celebration, dun pa napunta sa 4th place. I actually hate number 4 now! :(

I am all HANDS and FEET up for UP Pep Squad. They really nailed it this year and proved that they deserve to defend their title from last year's championship. FEU actually did, "so-so" hence it's fine to be placed 3rd but for UST having missed out on the top 3? That is not acceptable.

Okay, bitter na kung bitter.. but UST Salinggawi should be given the place rightful for their performance. I mean, it's not really the "WOW" and "OMG!" factor of performance, but compared to other teams.. they should have placed 2nd or 3rd. NOT 4TH!

Infairness to UST's flawless and clean routines, amazing stunts and props - they are still my favorite! And in order to give myself enough reason and justice for this blog post / rant of mine, I made a bit of analysis on why UST landed on the 4th spot and why they should have been on the top 3 instead.

Reasons why you just have to give UST the 2nd or the 1st place:
-clean routines
-crisp stunts and uniform movements (walang naliligaw or nagkakagulo during their performance)
- cool props - the kind of props none of the other universities have used during the past years.
- Who would have thought they can bring in UST's Main Building inside Araneta Coliseum? Plus the dominican priest at the end part was cool and fun as well!
- Energetic cheerdancers, all out performance.
NOTE: Please be guided that these reasons are the same reasons why UST should be in the position of the team who placed 2nd this year.

Reasons wht UST didn't win:
-maybe the judges are a bit racist? Because of the cross thing in front of UST's costume - the judges might have some issues about it. Take note that the chosen judges are not here from the Philippines. If I'm not mistaken, most of them are from other countries who excelled in the field of gymnastics, dancing and the likes. (JUST AN OPINION)
- UST's performance was honestly boring during the beginning. I myself was like "yun na yun?" but they nailed it on the end part.
- Maybe the judges didn't get what the 400 at the end part meant. They should have researched or something. Judges might be a bit lost? (JUST AN OPINION)
- The chosen music was not really cool. I don't like the music at all.
- Salinggawi's movements are a bit slow. Not unlike UP which has the aggressiveness and "oomph" factor from beginning til end.

So okay, I'm having an open mind here and I can say that UST did a far better job last year than this year. I felt like they performed quite safely today - the aggressiveness and fast movements were all gone. How I wish the same old Salinggawi troupe will come back next year. The years where Non-Stop ice cream was still the sponsor, the years were Espana always has the glory. 

But with all these, UST should have won at least a place. I'm not contesting on UP's capabilities. They deserve to be on top. But for others, I just can't really say enough!

Color Me Badd / All 4 One Concert

I know this is suuper late, but still worth to blog!

Born in between late 80's and early 90's, I can say that I know some songs that surfaced the music era way back my childhood. All I can remember is that my Mom used to turn on our radio cassette and switch to her favorite FM radios station where all the latest (and maybe some of her favorite songs that time) are playing.  One thing I'm sure of is that songs those years are mellow with a pinch of pop and fast beat. Now kasi, mostly songs are not that good to listen too. Most of them are just plain noise.

Last wednesday, September 7, is the concert of Color Me Badd and All 4 One at Araneta Coliseum. I'm not really a fan of them because in the first place I;m not familiar with their bands but I know quite well some of their songs most especially those that really topped the music charts.

They did some tribute to Michael Jackson as well. :) But still, MJ will do the best performance ever! 

We did something really funny during the concert. Due to some boring moments brought about by the fact that we don't really know some of their songs, we matched their faces with the music videos that we're shown on the wide screen at the back - meaning music videos way back 90's, the era where girls are all screaming for them. Some of them REALLY changed A LOT -  in terms of weight and appearance but their voices still remained the same.

And this is us. ENJOYING! :)