A chance to meet and greet Roger Federer

I am a big fan of Roger Federer and the thought of meeting him in person always excites me. My only way to see him live is to watch one tennis grand slam or ATP tournament. I've got to have lots and lots and lots of money in order to pay for my plane fare, hotel accommodation, food, game tickets and other more expenses. I guess my savings are NOT REALLY enough as of the moment.

So when Credit Suisse gave Roger Federer's fans to meet and greet him, I never let the opportunity pass. I joined their simple contest which will yield so much of a great prize! I just voted for my favourite ending of Credit Suisse's ad campaign which features Roger Federer, and viola! I got the chance to win a meet and greet in LONDON (which includes business class flight, and accommodation in a top-class hotel.) 

OMG! I'll be the happiest girl in the world if I win this. I won't be asking for anything if this precious prize will be given to me. I've been a good girl this year and hopefully Santa will give me a gift that I truly deserve. This is the gift that I am eyeing on. London trip, Roger Federer meet and greet... what more can I ask for. :)

And by the way, here's the video that I voted for! :) Hope they'll pick this one! :)