Westlife to split-up?

I honestly wanted to cry when I first read ABS-CBN news twitter account tweeted that Westlife is going there "separate ways" after 14 long years of success in the music industry.

I was busy with my office work stuffs when I read it and I was like shocked and froze like ice for a minute or two. I don't know if I'll cry or what. It's just soo sad to let go a significant part of your childhood too soon. 

I'm even convincing myself na "yeah, they'll split-up pero they'll be back din. It's like a break siguro". I read one article before which states that they'll go for a 2 year break and they'll be back with a brand new album. But still, it pains to think that you'll not be able to see them as a group. They'll go on and pursue their own ventures, but still Shane, Nicky, Mark and Kian is Westlife for me. :'(

Bye Westlife! I'll be forever a fan! :)
Now, I'm looking forward to seeing them solo. Sana lang umabot sa Philippines yung solo ventures nila. :)