Westlife Gravity Tour strikes Manila!

I never thought I'd be still such a great fan, not until I watched Westlife's concert in Manila yesterday! ♥

Sold-out tickets for Westlife's Gravity tour here in Manila, they surely rocked their Filipino fans.. the same way they rocked my pre-teen life 12 years ago. Now that I'm 22 years old, I can say that I grew up with Westlife. From their songs to music videos, photos and current news updates - I admit that I was one of the avid fans ever! And please read that I'm still around 9 to 10 years old that time. They got me through my grade school days and grew up singing their songs!

Yes, I am an avid fan and I can't believe that it's my first time to watch their concert. How's that of becoming an avid fan? When I first heard about their gravity tour concert, I looked up at the heavens and prayed that concert tickets will come my way, and God never failed me! I was able to watch them live - and I'm the happiest lady ever! :)

Their first song was "When You're Looking Like That" and the crowd when gaga over them - including me and my friend! I was like jumping and screaming and singing altogether, which is a sign of great happiness! Westlife was like the best boy band ever (for me) and I love them all! When I think of Westlife, I think of how my love for music and boys started! My heart was super kilig when I saw them singing and dancing! The perks of watching a boy band concert! They make the girls love them more. :)

My childhood crush was Mark Feehily and Brian Mcfadden, now I go for Shane Filan and Nicky Bryne. ♥♥♥ True to the saying that as you grow older, you change your preferences. All throughout the concert, I think they costume-changed 4 to 5 times which made them all look more handsome. I want guys that dress-up and sing like Westlife. I want my own Westlife guy! :)

Look at Shane's Mickey and Minnie Mouse t-shirt. Super lovely like him! :) You got the best voice and it never fails for me to love and scream MORE for it!

OMG Nicky! You are the most improved Westlife guy ever! AWARD! ♥
As what the coolest poster I've seen last night wrote: 
"Nicky, I want twins, lend me your genes!" haha!

Markus Feehily, what happened? I know we can be sisters now but you are my ultimate crush when I was young! You've got the cutest eyes and smile I've ever laid my eyes on. You're still cute though and girls are still screaming for you last night.

Dear Kian, you still look the same, didn't aged that much! I can actually copy-paste your face from the Kian I've seen 12 years now to present. :) So sweet of you to video the Manila crowd while you guys were singing, sweet guy!

The concert was a blast! Westlife sang songs that are not their originals. Like Viva La Vida by Coldplay and Bad Romance of Lady Gaga. They sang it while wearing those Disney inspired / Mickey and Minnie Mouse get-up. And then they made us do the "Manila Wave" which is soo cool as well! Reminds me of my UAAP game days! Actually Smart-Araneta Coliseum was jam-packed , as in super daming tao. 

We were at Upper A seats by the way and I actually liked it better than at the Patron side where we were usually at. Better view = less hassle. At Patron side kasi, people in front of you tend to stand talaga and even stand at the top of their chairs. Super unlucky if the person in front of you is a big guy, little chance of seeing the performers clearly. At least at Upper A, or best at Lower box, you'll be able to see them well and actually in lower ticket prices.

Every good thing must come to end but everything went really well as they sang "Uptown Girl" at the end (yes with choreography). The best BOY BAND concert I've been to, as in! Memories kept rushing back to me which made me realize that I am proud to be a Westlife fan. Everything's so vivid right now. All of a sudden, I'm the old, or rather young Marielle who listens and watch Westlife music videos. I do hope ABS-CBN and Dayly entertainment can make them come back again. Westlife Mania is still ON and we're craving for MORE! :)


Gina Dellamas said...

nice blog! :) i enjoyed reading this post..:) btw, im the girl Nicky picked..:) it was the best night of my life! hope we can be blog friends..:)

MarieLLe said...

Hi Gin! :) Thanks for dropping by and read my blogpost. :) You are one lucky girl! I'll trade places with you at any cost! haha!I'm reading your blog as well. You did that banner? GENIUS! :) Of course we can be blog friends. :)