Purely Westlife mode!

I've been telling myself that I don't need to make this blogpost but I can't resist myself.
Sheez this sudden  *Westlife fanatic* mode is soo back on me! And I'm listening to Westlife songs while doing this blog entry, omygod.

So what happened (to me) after Westlife's Gravity Tour in Manila?

  • I followed Shane Filan, "@ShaneFilan79", Kian Egan "@KianEganWL", Nicky Byrne "@nickybyrneoffic" and Brian Mcfadden "@BrianMcfadden" on twitter. Mark Feehily is an exception because I followed him waaaaay before they get here to have their concert. Mark was my first ever crush so he deserved my first follow from the group! ♥
  • I've been listening to their songs since Friday, over and over again! And I still haven't downloaded some of their CDs. I'm just listening to their 1st to 3rd album.
  • I've downloaded from youtube all their music videos, burned it to a CD and will plan to watch it on our DVD player sometime soon. And the funny part, I was kilig all over when I was watching the videos. All my nonsense desire to them 12 years ago came back to me again. I was having a Westlife crush / craze again. ♥
  • I read some articles about them. From their marriage to their children. I was like having my own dreamland that I'll have my own Westlife guy soon.
This is not good, me thinks! But I'm liking it. And who cares actually.. some of my friends are actually on the same phase like me. I honestly didn't realize that Westlife did a BIG impact on me. :)