PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

The first time I've seen The Avengers' movie trailer almost a year ago (which is a big surprise at the end part of Captain America), I looked forward to the day of its showing and now, barely 2 weeks to go, Marvel's elite group of superheroes will grace our cinemas and melt our hearts out! (especially for us girls, of course!)

Hello Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth! ♥

Thank you to PLDT for my fast internet connection, I was able to download this movie poster at once and was able to drool on other photos of my Avenger-crushes!

So what other things I love to do with a fast internet connection?
  • Watch Youtube videos of my hollywood crushes, watch behind the scenes  movie teasers and upload my own version of Youtube videos together with my girlfriends (hoping I can have that hollywood stardom just like Charice.) :)
  • Watch movies online. A big no-no to download movies on torrents or anything. Piracy is a crime, okay?
  • Buy great deals online! It wouldn't be cool if you're giddy to buy something online and it lessens the momentum and excitement because the page won't load.
  • Get real and on time updates on facebook and twitter. Fast internet connection means "on the dot" updates about the celebrities you follow, plus you get to see their Instagram photos at once! On the other hand, you can live like a star and upload all your vain photos on-line in just seconds!
The list goes on and on, but the question remains. Where to subscribe for the faster (or should I say fastest) internet connection in town? PLDT's Great Payday Sale will help you get one! Read on below to be informed:

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2. All they have to do is register at the nearest PLDT Home booth or malls nationwide on April 27-29, 2012 with 1 valid ID, no cash out!
3. They can upgrade their Internet with PLDT myDSL’s biggest Internet sale ever.
4. Freebies like a WiFi+Modem with free installation and 1 month DSL will be given away. That’s as much as P5,000 savings!
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How is that AMAZING! Make sure you don't miss out on this great chance! It's summer! Don't just sit there and wait for ages. Make your biggest move now with PLDT's myDSL.