Christmas Wishlist 2011

It's the perfect time of the year to sit back and think over the things that you want Santa Claus to give you this year. I've been a bit of a good girl, so I think I deserve one or two out of my 3 top wishlist (as of now..more to add later). :)

I can't really decide which to choose - the black one or the white one. It just all boils down that I want an IPOD TOUCH. Be it for next year, as a birthday gift for myself. Basta I want one next year.. but I'm considering this as one of my Christmas wishes. I hope I can have one. :) The fastest way perhaps is for me to have a credit card and swipe it all the way inside Powermac store.


I don't know which one to choose but both of these two fits my budget. I want a new digicam since my old digicam is too old the quality of the pictures are not that oh-so nice. I am photographer at heart who uses digicams and not SLRS so please give me a digicam this Christmas.

Our PC memory is too occupied already and I still have lots of music, movies and TV series to download. I need an external hard drive for all my photos and files that needs to be secure and should be just within my reach. I was searching the net and I found this Seagate 500 Gb external hard drive which only costs P4000 ++. Not bad, isn't it?

I guess I still have lots of wishes to come.. I just haven't thought of it yet.  Stay tune! :)